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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

He can kiss you where the sun don't shine.

Well- almost two weeks has gone by and that's just not right in my book. But work's been extremely busy (still is, in fact) so I'll just throw in a quick update here for now.

First off, a new video from Jarvis (The Artist Formally Known As Jarvis Cocker) for his latest single "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time." Good song, great video...

More to come soon, including new Of Montreal...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Year end round-up...

Well, I'm looking back on the year in music and decided what the hell- here are some of my favorite songs of the year thus far. To make it easier for folks to randomly sample them on a whim, here are the video clips...

Liars- It Fit When I Was A Kid

Not actually the promo video released by the band, this is pretty interesting nontheless- with footage from a 1930's documentary on Africa. Strangely fitting, I loved this tune from the first moment I heard it, with it's hypnotic, tribal beat and crazy vocals about who knows what. And who needs to know, really?

Ghostigital- Not Clean

Another clip here almost in a similar vein, both in imagery and in sound. Slow the Liars tune down, way down- and maybe add in some squonk and you could get something similar to this song from Ghostigital. With sing-speaking from the former male vocalist of the Sugarcubes, this one also adds in vocals from Mark E. Smith- which it can be scientifically proven is NEVER a bad thing. Both vocals tell some strange ranting tale of fish and chips, and damn if I don't want THE COD. Bizarre greatness.

Regina Spektor- On The Radio

Well of course you know you'll find Miss Regina Spektor in my list of favorite songs of 2006, don't you? I'll go ahead and just put forth that it's at the top. The catchy bum-bum-bums to accentuate the piano, the fantastic melody line, and fanciful lyrics all go together to end up with a gem of a tune I still have yet to tire of one bit- even after listening to the tune literally hundreds of times. Best part is, there's a good handful of songs on Spektor's LP Begin To Hope that are almost just as good.

Sonic Youth- Do You Believe In Rapture?

In the category of "anyone could have done that but Thurston Moore's the only one who did" comes the moment 1:50 into Sonic Youth's "Do You Believe In Rapture?" (:37 in this video of their Bonaroo performance) after a short pause when Thurston briefly breaks down the song to pick a simple chord and it's just crystalline perfect somehow. In non-religious terms, "rapture" is defined as "ecstatic joy or delight" and that sums up well the emotion stirred by that heavenly placed arpeggio.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Machina III- the Machines of False Rumor

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Buzz hit the internet yesterday of leaked Pumpkins demos (or at least rough unfinished work) from work on an upcoming release from Billy Corgan and (non-Iha) company. The four tracks (titled the Baker Demos) were soon readily available from all the usual sources and I'll admit that despite my caring less and less about Corgan's output, I gave them a listen. And it turns out that despite claims of these songs being the work of Billy and crew, they're... definitely not. But heck, go ahead and listen and decide for yourself. If you're fooled, well... shame on you.

This track builds (far too) slowly into an actual song, with guitars that could be heard as in the style of the Pumpkins but the voice isn't really even similar. If I were to try to describe the sound (and I'm still typing, so I will) I'd deign to say "Collapsing Cities" is what Of Montreal would sound like if they were instead a run of the mill alternative band of the early nineties (including production style.) Or something to that effect. The question in the back of my mind is... could these tracks from who knows where/whom end up being sadly better than whatever Corgan releases?

"The Smashing Pumpkins" Collapsing Cities

Friday, December 01, 2006

There is no you left to embrace.

Well, here's my musical guilty pleasure for the week- in the form of Marit Larsen, formerly one half of the pop duo M2M. She's in her early twenties and plays guitar, keyboards, and harmonica- all complimenting her catchy tunes. I first saw the video for "Don't Save Me" (her first solo single) followed shortly by the song I like even more, "Only A Fool." Her songs are generally acoustic with sweet, adorable, and sometimes even ironic vocals and just a hint of a country-ish tinge. Say what you will about it being incredibly poppy, but what's wrong with that from time to time? Give it a listen/look- I really dig it at the moment.

Marit Larsen- Only A Fool

Live performance- "Only A Fool"

Video- "Don't Save Me"

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