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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You used to hold my hand when the plane took off.

Here's one for the 'what was I thinking?' file. I was in college at the time that Am I Not Your Girl? came out and bought it soon after its release, having already been a fan of The Lion and the Cobra and I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. Of course I knew going into it that these were not Sinead originals, but an album full of pop standard covers- but being a fan I decided to buy it nonetheless. And give it a handful of listens... and then promptly sell it back at the used CD store. This was also the same album she was promoting when she appeared on Saturday Night Live and controversy erupted when she tore a picture of the Pope in half, but this had nothing to do with my feelings about the album for or against, really.

Interestingly enough, I also bought Universal Mother promptly after its release two years later... and sold it back. Neither of the albums did anything for me, really- but for some reason I've gone back to them in the last month or two and enjoyed them. Maybe it's partly for the fact that although the songs are pop standards, I wasn't familiar with them at the time but now I am. Many critics complained that the tunes were just that- too standard, and that Sinead's renditions did nothing to add to the originals. Perhaps that's true. But I sometimes enjoy the fact that songs can be simply about the songs themselves, and open for greater interpretation without the embellishments that some would give otherwise. And as I'm writing this, I'm thinking maybe I mean exactly the opposite of what I'm saying and I can't really explain. Suffice it to say that I'm glad I went back and gave these another listen.

And here's one of my favorite Sinead songs, and a great rendition of it, too- dig when the full band kicks in...

And finally, Dresden Dolls covering the same tune...


Anonymous Hunta said...

Hey Sean. I don't always get around to checking your blog but I am always rewarded when I do.

I love Sinead O'Connor, not only for her art but the way she lives her life. You can disagree with her politics but you cannot slight her integrity.

I saw her in concert (4th row at Great Woods in MA) around the time of this performance and this brings back some good memories.

6:53 PM  
Blogger jspaceman said...

Thanks for the comments!

I've never seen her live but remember seeing that performance for the first time on Saturday Night Live and being blown away by it and checking out her first album, too...

6:14 AM  

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