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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'll save my best for last and after that don't even ask.

So you know what? I'm not a big fan of Beck. Yeah yeah, I know he's still a critical darling and everyone loves him, but after Mellow Gold, I can really take it or leave it. I'm not saying it's bad music or anything, it's just not my thing and I'd rather listen to something other than mumble-mouthed electro-funk jams. Two turntables and a microphone, OK- I don't mind it if it's on but you won't find me turning it on.

That being said, I gave his latest effort a listen all the way through and was (as always) very so-so on it. But... a friend insisted I check out his performance on SNL and I was pretty impressed. While a band at the dinner table playing various forks and plates and dancing marionettes simultaneously reproducing that same scene on stage might seem gimmicky, it's actually a pretty neat idea and it's cool that they chose to do something different than most bands would do for a live national television performance. And heck- they let Borat rock out with them on stage, too! I'll "clap hands" for that one.

Beck- Clap Hands

Beck- Fax Machine Anthem (Dizzee Rascal remix)


Blogger amber said...

Does Beck suck? No. He must be doing something right to catch the love and admiration from everyone else in the world but us.

Does Beck remind me of the time when I got gaffed in the ear with the claw end of a hammer? OH YES.

Am I going to catch hell for this? Not if I run like hell.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Alea! said...

As a big fan of Beck, I would like to suggest that you listen to Sea Change and tell me what you think of "Paper Tiger" and then tell me what you think! Plus, Midnite Vultures is just an awesome dance album that I'm surprised you aren't all that into.

Anywho, thanks for sending that video, I love it! He performed on Austin City Limits quite a few years ago and I'm going to try to find it for you. He had an awesome performance!

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey. i found your blog through hype machine and was hoping you could send me that fiona apple cover of "frosty." i don't seem to be able to download it from the link, and i've been looking for it since last year when i first heard it. my e-mail address is thanks.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous agate said...


i love your movie.

seriously. though. you rock. i mean that in the worst possible way.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Beck's remix with Dizzee Rascal is an innovative and fresh track. I personally think that Beck by making a move like that keeps him more on the cutting edge of music and making a demographic for himself that appeals to a much younger audience. The music genres of Grime and Dubstep are really becoming big all over Europe and its coming to gain popularity in the USA. I listened to Beck when I was growing up, my older siblings were really into him in the 90s. I think that he has adapted well to the times and is still making great entertaining music that we can have fun listenin and dancing to. I think whoever reviewed this should do a little more research on where the roots of this music is coming from and either keep a more open mind about the album or hand off the review to someone who can be critical without completley shunning off the artist. Thank you

1:45 PM  

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