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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Suffocating without a word.

I always loved the way Lou Reed's voice gets all choked up when he gets emotional in a song- I put on The Blue Mask (and more specifically "Waves Of Fear") this morning and got goosebumps listening to it... the rasping tone of his vocals make the subject matter in the lyrics all the more poignant. It doesn't get any better than Lou Reed at his best. If you've not already been exposed to the man, and are any kind of fan of rock music- go directly to albums like The Blue Mask, New York, or Magic and Loss.

Lou Reed- Waves of Fear

I've long considered Bowie's Outside to be fairly underrated- if not as an entire piece then certainly for some of the individual tracks on it. There's a concept line running throughout- something about a strange demented future-world- but I've never really understood it. There are a handful of connecting segue tracks that are for the most part Bowie himself with voice pitched up to sound like a young girl's or crazed man. Eno lent his hand in the production of the album, complete with bizarre and macabre artwork. Tales of murder and cyberspace are told with elements of industrial music woven in places throughout...

David Bowie- We Prick You

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And while we're speaking of Mr. Brian Eno, why not give a bit of attention to his own work? Certainly one of my favorite producers of all time (along with the likes of Sir George Martin and Nigel Godrich), Eno has had a number of different phases musically. One of the founding members of Roxy Music, Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (whew) has been one of the most important (if not THE most important) figures in ambient music. He's also worked notably with bands including Talking Heads and U2 (producing such classics as the Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby.) His solo debut Here Come The Warm Jets is nothing less than a classic- sounding on the verge of maniacal madness in both lyrics and distorted layers of keyboard and guitars. Insane genius.

Brian Eno- Baby's On Fire


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