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Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm gonna lay back down again...

The Saddle Creek crew

The ever-so-prolific (except when it comes to a second Desaparecidos LP) Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes will be releasing a collection of rarities titled Noise Floor on October 24th. Bright Eyes is one of those few acts that records and releases b-sides and one-off tracks as good as their proper album cuts so it's definitely a worthwhile collection. From Saddle Creek:

Bright Eyes to release rarities collection Noise Floor CD/LP on October 24; CD pre-orders shipping from the online store later this week.

A collection of Bright Eyes rarities recorded 1998-2005 will be released as Noise Floor CD/LP on October 24. The double LP version of this release will include 5 tracks not available on the CD. Orders for the Noise Floor CD will begin shipping on October 13 from the online store, where you can also listen to a stream of the full CD. The LP is a bit delayed and will begin shipping from here as soon as possible, most likely sometime around October 19.

Bright Eyes - Noise Floor
Noise Floor collects selected Bright Eyes singles, one-offs, unreleased tracks, collaborations and covers recorded between 1998 and 2005. Variously recorded to cassette four-track, minidisc, reel-to-reel tape machine, ADAT and computer, these songs trace Bright Eyes' evolution from basement project to band of international repute. Many of these gems previously lost to out-of-print obscurity are hereby resurrected.

Noise Floor Track Listing and Song Origination
01. Mirrors and Fevers (Don't Be Frightened of Turning The Page EP - 2000)
02. I Will Be Grateful for This Day (Sub Pop Singles Club 7" - 2001)
03. Trees Get Wheeled Away (Lost & Found, Volume 1 compilation - 2003)
04. Drunk Kid Catholic (3 Hit Songs From Bright Eyes - UK single - 2003)
05. Spent on Rainy Days (Home Series on Post Parlo Records - 2002)
06. The Vanishing Act (Too Much of a Good Thing 7" - 1999)
07. Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man (Motion Sickness 7" - 2000)
08. Blue Angels Air Show (DIW Magazine 7" - 2002)
09. Weather Reports (Unreleased 7" with M. Ward)
10. Seashell Tale (Unreleased 7" with M. Ward)
11. Bad Blood (Album Leaf split 7" - 2001)
12. Amy in the White Coat (Vinyl-only B-side on the No Beginning to the Story EP - 2002)
13. Devil Town (The Late Great Daniel Johnston compilation - 2004)
14. I've Been Eating (For You) (3 New Hit Songs From Bright Eyes - UK single - 2001)
15. Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15) (3 New Hit Songs From Bright Eyes - UK single - 2001)
16. Motion Sickness (Motion Sickness 7" - 2000)
17. Act of Contrition (Second Thoughts compilation - 2000) *
18. Hungry for a Holiday (Album Leaf split 7" - 2001) *
19. When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass Again (Sub Pop singles club 7" - 2001) *
20. Entry Way Song (Amos House Vol. 2 compilation 2002) *
21. It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends (Transmission One: Tea At The Palaz of Hoon compilation - 2000) *
* included only on vinyl 2xLP

And a couple of tracks to whet appetites:

Bright Eyes- Drunk Kid Catholic

Bright Eyes- Spent On Rainy Days

Also- check out a performance from the always fantastic Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins tonight (October 13) on Late Night with Conan O'Brien...

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins and Jonathon Rice


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I’m a first time visitor; I like what you’ve got going on and intend to return; just thought I’d leave a fingerprint.

1:14 PM  
Blogger femurface said...

I loved that version of Cold Water you posted, but I lost the mp3. Would you mind sending it to me or reposting it?

9:45 PM  

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