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Friday, September 29, 2006

Everybody's Waitsing for the weekend...

(Tom pictured with his best friend- under his feet of course)

In the acquired taste category, and exciting news for fans, Tom Waits will soon be releasing a three-disc set of albums called Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards. I know, I know- "is he singing or is he dying?" Waits always seems to be fantastic with writing poignant liner notes and this time around is no different:

"Kathleen and I wanted the record to be like emptying our pockets on the table after an evening of gambling, burglary, and cow tipping. We enjoy strange couplings, that’s how we got together. We wanted Orphans to be like a shortwave radio show where the past is sequenced with the future, consisting of things you find on the ground, in this world and no world, or maybe the next world. Whatever you imagine that to be."
Not only has the news been made of the release of Orphans on November 21st, but three tracks from the set will be made available free, with "Bottom Of The World" already offered here.

And while I'm at it- here's one of my favorite Tom Waits songs just for kicks, off Mule Variations. And yes, I'll admit to being even more of a Lou Reed fan (different song, folks.)

Tom Waits- Coney Island Baby


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