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Friday, September 29, 2006

Everybody's Waitsing for the weekend...

(Tom pictured with his best friend- under his feet of course)

In the acquired taste category, and exciting news for fans, Tom Waits will soon be releasing a three-disc set of albums called Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards. I know, I know- "is he singing or is he dying?" Waits always seems to be fantastic with writing poignant liner notes and this time around is no different:

"Kathleen and I wanted the record to be like emptying our pockets on the table after an evening of gambling, burglary, and cow tipping. We enjoy strange couplings, that’s how we got together. We wanted Orphans to be like a shortwave radio show where the past is sequenced with the future, consisting of things you find on the ground, in this world and no world, or maybe the next world. Whatever you imagine that to be."
Not only has the news been made of the release of Orphans on November 21st, but three tracks from the set will be made available free, with "Bottom Of The World" already offered here.

And while I'm at it- here's one of my favorite Tom Waits songs just for kicks, off Mule Variations. And yes, I'll admit to being even more of a Lou Reed fan (different song, folks.)

Tom Waits- Coney Island Baby

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Updated by witches!

Reaction to Ryan Adams' new website is probably just about as mixed as it is for people with his music. Hard to navigate, to be true- but Ryan Breaks out the rapping craziness and damn it, I find my self cracking up. "Awwww shit- look who got a website!" Oh yeah, and Pitchfork- please for the love of god STFU.

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Check out the video here for Britta Persson's "You Are Not My Boyfriend." It's a nice combination of acoustic guitar and a dancey beat, maybe reminiscent a bit of the style of Beth Orton. I totally dig it. As you might guess from her name, she's Swedish. You can find her official website here although a lot of it is in foreignese.

Britta Persson- You Are Not My Boyfriend

Well it took almost six months but I finally got hooked up with the April 14th Jason Pierce (Spiritualized) show in London. It's a pretty laid-back and somber affair, to say the least. I'm not yet sure what to think of the couple new Spiritualized tunes, but J's voice sounds even more world-weary than it did on Amazing Grace- which is saying quite a lot. It's hard to imagine him belting out the lines from "Electricity" these days but hell, it's still pretty damn good for someone who was at death's door the year previous.

Another album that will almost certainly make my top twenty for the year is the new Lemonheads. OK, so maybe I'm a bit biased being a longtime Lemonheads/Evan Dando fan but they've still got that old sound and it harkens back to the early 90s tunes all over again. I don't know what it is about Dando's voice and the Lemonheads' sound in general but it always clicks with me.

The Lemonheads- Become The Enemy

The Lemonheads- Pittsburgh

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Future is back!

First off, I must give it up immensely for Bill Nguyen and the people at It seems hard to believe and too good to be true but the music's coming back. Check out all the crazy details as they are forthcoming .here. BAM!

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It's been a nine month wait but Nellie McKay's long-awaited sophomore album will finally see the full-length double-disc light of day October 31st. Just in time to add it to official 2006 best-of lists, too.

Billboard article

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Quite soon after the release for How We Operate and non-stop touring of Gomez comes a greatest hits, b-sides and rarities collection Five Men In A Hut. Hard to believe that it's only been six years covered with all the great tunes- with two previously unreleased tracks, too.


Disc 1
1. Whipping Piccadilly
2. The Best In Town
3. Catch Me Up
4. Pick Up The Pieces *
5. Royalty *
6. We Haven't Turned Around
7. Coltrane
8. ZYX
9. Step Inside
10. 78 Stone Wobble
11. Flight *
12. Champagne For Monkeys
13. Blind *
14. Old School Shirt
15. Sweet Virginia *
16. Air Hostess Song
17. Ping One Down *
18. Old China (previously unreleased)

Disc 2
1. Rhythm and Blues Alibi
2. Silhouettes *
3. Dire Tribe *
4. Bring It On
5. Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues *
6. Butterfly *
7. Silence
8. Pussyfootin’ *
9. Shot Shot *
10. Chickenbones
11. So *
12. Tanglin' *
13. Get Myself Arrested *
14. Sound Of Sounds
15. M57
16. Pop Juice *
17. Big Man
18. Diskoloadout (previously unreleased)

Pre-order it here

I've been enjoying Jade Tree's Snowden lately (in part thanks to Julie and you can listen to them live at bradley's almanac. They're still out on the road so catch them if you can.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's anthropologically unjust.

Check out Badly Drawn Boy's latest (along with video) "Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind" here. I have to say I'm pretty undecided on this one. For some reason the whole thing doesn't seem to all mesh together musically and it seems quite rambling and uncertain tune-wise.

Get some live Apples In Stereo tracks and news on the upcoming February 2007 release of their new album New Magnetic Wonder over at you ain't no picasso.

Jarvis Cocker's "Running the World" has been available online for weeks but now you can also check out the accompanying video clip here all karaoke style with an intro from Jarvis himself. "Smash the system" indeed.

If you like Dresden Dolls (with just a slight infusion of Tool, perhaps?) check out Two Ton Boa's "Cash Machine" on Kill Rock Stars. Lead singer Sherry Fraser is in fact the Sherry Fraser of Marcy Playground fame, in fact Fraser co-wrote some of the songs on the Marcy Playground debut album and "Comin' Up From Behind" is a Two Ton Boa tune that Marcy Playground covered for the soundtrack for Cruel Intentions.

Two Ton Boa- Comin' Up From Behind

Two Ton Boa- Cash Machine

Two Ton Boa official website

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another case of stolen musicians' gear- this time Bobby of the Warlocks...

bobby from the warlocks burglarized

Hi everybody, this is not a joke or anything, I came home today to
find my apartment broken into, burglarized and practically destroyed.
Straight out of stalker film.. All my guitars, gear - stolen, my
modular synthesizers stolen- about 7-10k in stuff

- but no DVDs, Records, CDs, or things like computers, wallet, credit
cards or stuff like that- you know easy things to sell / get cash-.

It was all music gear related and unique, 35 year old Vox guitars (4)
gone, Gretsch (1) keyboards and (1 or 2) master reels are missing
(could be just they grabbed this stuff random)

Also they apparently spent some time in here as all my music notes
(10 years worth!), art, just papers, bills, and stuff (seriously its
this crazy) scattered EVERYWHERE/MISSING/STOLEN went through-as if
somebody was looking for something...

So weird and scary!

The police are dealing with it. But Im reaching out to you for help,
if you know anything or saw anything in the (echo park area) - please
let me know. So the authorities have something more to go on.

But- please just the facts, if you know something, saw something,
heard something factual, let me know ASAP, take care and thanks


Poor Sean Combs has been forced to change his name in the UK and can no longer be called "Diddy" because of Diddy Dearlove who remixed Blondie's "Atomic." Poor poor, Diddy- er... Puffy? Who knows... from NME:

Puff Daddy loses Diddy title in UK
The rapper agrees to name change
Sean Combs has been forced to drop his Diddy title in the UK following a legal dispute.

The rapper has agreed to drop the name as part of an out-of court legal settlement with London based music producer Richard 'Diddy' Dearlove.

Combs, who was previously known as Puff Daddy, had used the name P Diddy since 2001 until he decided to change it to Diddy in 2005.

But following the name change, Dearlove filed a lawsuit for unfair competition, claiming the alteration had caused confusion, reports Billboard.

According to solicitors Jens Hills & Co the rapper has now agreed to "rebrand his commercial activities" in Britain and he will "no longer be able to trade in the UK as Diddy".

Dearlove is best known for his 1990s dance remix of Blondie's 1980 UK Number One 'Atomic'.

As more and more talk of Outkast's latest movie and album entitled Idlewild has repeatedly confused me a bit as I initially think they're talking about the album, it's quite funny to see Roddy's take of the thing on the Idlewild website-

Not sure what's up with this new Outkast album. keep seeing posters for it and thinking I've forgotten about a concert. Not that it's likely Idlewild would play a show with Andre 3000 and Big Boi (what a stupid name). Maybe when our new LP comes out next February some unfamiliars will think we're some sort of Outkast tribute. Could be interesting. Probably won't be.

If you're in the market for thirty thousand dollars worth of one of a kind guitars, why not place a bid on these guitars originally made for the Strawberry Alarm Clock?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bring back that Electric Mainline...

The way the guitar overloads and shorts in and out two and a half minutes in and then the vocals kick back in euphorically. The drums come in and it's a rush. Cool waves and a song like a sculpture- perfectly crafted. The "back-up" singers are credited with "slide vocal" and "flow vocal" and it seems entirely appropriate. A perfect way to ease one into an exquisite song. Let it flow...

Spiritualized Electric Mainline- Let It Flow

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm lookin' past ya...

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(girls talking are not, in fact, Girl Talk)

Here's another one I'll add to the running for Best of 2006- Girl Talk's Night Ripper. This one's been blogged to death but deservedly so and I'll just say yep, that's great stuff. I'm reminded a bit of Prodigy's Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. 1 but with much more of a poppy bent. It boggles my mind to think that this actually got a release what with all the copyright issues (shh- they actually sample the Beatles!) but it's in stores- on the appropriately named Illegal Art.

It's essentially nothing more than an album-long mosaic of mash-ups but somehow it's surpassed that and become it's own. If nothing else, it's entertaining just to identify the samples as they pass... I mean c'mon- "Bounce That" uses Elastica, the Breeders, Stevie Wonder, and Steve Winwood? And it actually works! I'll just overlook the craptacular inclusion of "My Humps" on "Warm It Up." Sheesh. And I just have to throw in "Peak Out" which uses "Silly Love Songs." Good stuff.

Buy it on Amazon

Girl Talk- Bounce That

Girl Talk- Peak Out

Check out Liars performing "Loose Nuts On The Velodrome" (more or less, I think) on Youtube. Kooky stuff, but I still enjoy it. Apparently it's like "bisexuals eating fruit loops on stage. Sure, guys- do drugs much?

The video for the latest offering from Mr. Skinner and the Streets "Pranging Out" can be seen here. As Mike Skinner tends to do, this is a completely different version from the album proper with different vocals. Is he now just trying to promote the guys on his label and become the white Sean Combs? Strange. And for those not in the know when it comes to British slang, "pranging out" is defined as "getting overly agitated" in this case due to the use of cocaine.

I can hear it now- "KYCW is posting freaking JET now?" Fear not- I can explain. The first time I heard their debut album, I thought it was pretty much a slice of poo. Then I heard "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" ad nauseum on the radio (multiple formats, no less) and I changed my mind. It wasn't a slice of poo at all, but an entire uncut poo. If there's one thing worse than not liking a song, it's hearing that song more times that you can count and be unable to avoid it. That being said, I am now here to say that upon just one listen, I like the new song a bit and think it's incredibly catchy. Not only that, but it's only two and a half minutes long, which means it's pretty much over before you know it. I predict hitsville- duh. And I also predict myself getting incredibly tired of this tune. Give it a week.

Jet- Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Friday, September 01, 2006

I believe that it's called al fresco...

Hoo boy- did you see the VMAs last night on MTV? Yeah, neither did I- but I heard that Jack Black was acting all crazy and stuff and there was some serious lip-synching goin' on. Wait, that might've been last year. Now that's good times.

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Can't wait to see the documentary "The U.S. vs. John Lennon." What a fantastic story- albeit one that was quite the ongoing pain in the ass for John and Yoko. There's previously unseen footage of John that Yoko allowed to be used, too. And how can you beat lines like "Lennon represented life and Mr. Nixon and Mr. Bush represent death?" Apparently it's "coming soon..."

Some really great live musical goodness from the Streets over at work for it. Dig that stuff, I still need to see Mikee Skinner and the guys in concert- sounds like a fantastic show.

You can read a pretty good track by track rundown of the latest Radiohead tracks at Stylus Magazine. And I totally agree on "4 Minute Warning" being one of the best of them... Same goes with "Say what you will about Radiohead’s reach exceeding its grasp, but it’s almost impossible to imagine such naked terror ever being conveyed by Coldplay, Bloc Party, or virtually any other modern British band. "

The Lemonheads are not only planning on releasing a new album, they're also set to tour in November and December. The last time I saw Evan Dando at the Double Door in Chicago it was a solo date, now the rest of the band are joining him- fantastic. Here's the rest of the dates:

Santa Ana Galaxy Theatre (November 18)
Solana Beach Belly Up Tavern (19)
Los Angeles The Troubadour (21/22)
San Francisco The Independent (24/25)
Portland Doug Fir Lounge (27)
Seattle Crocodile Café (28)
Boise The Big Easy Concert Hall (30)
Salt Lake City The Depot (December 1)
Denver Bluebird Theatre (2)
Omaha Sokol Underground (4)
Minneapolis The 400 Bar (5)
Chicago Double Door (7/8)
Cleveland Grog Shop (9)
Detroit Magic Stick (10)
Toronto Lee's Palace (12)
Philadelphia North Star Bar (13)
Washington Black Cat (14)
New York Irving Plaza (15)
Boston Avalon Ballroom (16)

Of course she's now pretty well-known (especially in her native UK and to bloggers) but that's still no reason for me not to mention how much I'm stuck on Lily Allen's latest single "LDN." Such a great little pop tune with a melody that worms its way into your brain and stays there. The little record store intro in the video kinda cracked me up, too (although it seems the broken beats reference would be better made with a tune like "Knock Em Out." Posting Lily Allen- how gauche at this point!

Lily Allen- LDN

By the way, does anyone else notice the similarity between the intro of Lily's "Littlest Things" and Radiohead's "Karma Police?"

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As a random side note, if you don't already dig on CAN you should... just 'cause I said so. Check it:

Can- Mushroom

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