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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's not just for breakfast any more...

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New discovery, at least to me. And still another artist that is difficult to google and get more info on because of the name, just like Camille turned out to be- what with the hurricane and Prince alter ego connections. This time around, the culprit is at least one other musician named Bob Evans and of course, that breakfast restaurant favorite. Turns out it's actually a recording pseudonym for Perth native Kevin Mitchell.

This Bob Evans happens to be an Aussie singer-songwriter with a bit of a country bent at times. Partly because of the one-take video for "Don't You Think It's Time" I at first thought I heard a bit of a Michael Penn similarity, but then I decided it's not really there- although I do hear a few hints of it in his tone. Quoting some of his listed influences might help a bit- the Shins, Wilco, the Beatles, John Lennon, Beach Boys... Yet again I find myself with a haunting feeling that I'm reminded a lot of another singer but I just can't quite place it. There are far too many Beatlesque artists these days to narrow it down these days, you know?

Some of the more country-leaning bits of the music of Bob Evans almost give me the feel of a solo Roger McGuinn or Gram Parsons and a few of the tunes would definitely fit in among a good number of other alt-country acts. According to his Myspace page, Evans sounds like an "Indie kid writing pop songs on an acoustic guitar with a country twang" and I'd say that puts it extremely simply but is just about right. This seems to be something of a side project for him, as he's also the frontman for the band Jebadiah, who seem to be pretty popular in their home country. Written more for himself, it was conceived and initially recorded in his own home studio before he moved off to none other than Nashville to create the final record.

"You've Been On My Mind" is apparently the first single from the album, and while it's not nearly as upbeat and catchy as some of his other tunes, it's a simple, pretty tune with a pretty cool video that seems to be done in a single take.

And with that, I'll leave you with a few tunes and close out with a blurb from his bio:

Lyrically, Mitchell transcends the country tinges to focus on homespun intimacies. Big adventures can indeed happen in little worlds and it's in this realm that the personal can evoke the universal.

I wanted to really push the idea and feeling of turning the `Suburban Everyday into something of almost fairytale quality, Mitchell explains. Of romanticism. That magic can happen in the suburbs every single day. Almost like making a record where within the stories it's like everythings happening on Christmas morning. There's that little hint of magic in the air.

Official website


"You've Been On My Mind" video

Bob Evans- Don't You Think It's Time

Bob Evans- Friend

Bob Evans- Nowhere Without You


Blogger supergurg said...

great to see Bob get recognition overseas - also check out Bob's (aka Kevin Mitchell) previous band, Jebediah - Aussie classic artist


4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"previous band"? The Jebs have not broken up, man, so there's nothing "previous" about them! In an interview last week, Kev said they're going to start recording their next album at the end of this year. Yay!

5:04 AM  
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