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Monday, August 28, 2006

It's no longer familiar to me- it's become routine...

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Dayton's Lab Partners

Great times and great music at Independent Expose at the Southgate House Saturday night. I enjoyed Kamikaze Saucers and the Sights even more than I expected plus the spectacular Kelly of Looking at Them introduced the bands there.

I was also completely blown away by Lab Partner's live set- they reminded me of early Storm In Heaven-era Verve multiple times throughout their show. I even chatted briefly with the keyboardist, although I'm not too sure she appreciated my comparisons to Kate Radley. I blame the rum that was being mixed with my Coca-Cola. If you're a fan of Spiritualized, the Verve, Black Rebel Motorcycle club and the like, definitely give Lab Partners a listen...

Lab Partners- "Love Don't Care" and "Now" at 3hive
Lab Partners- Blood Moon

You can listen to all of Kasabian's new album Empire (which I've been liking quite a lot) at NME's website.

Ah, it makes me so happy that it gives me chills (in my own backbone) to hear a new Lemonheads tune, "No Backbone." Evan Dando's solo album Baby, I'm Bored was a bit underrated, I thought- but it's still much better to hear a more band-styled sound on this track. The familiar guitars and vocals are there and if the rest of the album turns out along the same lines, I'll be ecstatic.

The Lemonheads- No Backbone

Someone's claimed the site for themselves and proceeded to use it as a mock website for the lead singer of the Manics. Only slightly funny, though...

"Find your faith in your cocaine! The only God I need is a brain!" what a poet Wire was! This is basically just Stay Beautiful only you get to hear Auld Jimmy shout "Fuck Off!". That said I'd rather have the wanky little guitar bit which covers up the swear. This was when things started looking up for us. The first real spark of the Jim as Axe God!
You can find the real James Dean Bradfield (and ask him a question if you'd like) here...

Check out the video for Robbie Williams latest (and somewhat sub-par) single "Rudebox" here...

And as requested, here's a re-up of a Black Box Recorder tune...

Black Box Recorder- Child Psychology


Blogger Kelly said...

'Twas good to see you Saturday! The interpretive dance we all did during "Loving You" was worth the price of admission alone.

7:15 PM  
Blogger kc said...

Robbie's single may be subpar, but I'm still holding out a decent album. :-)

12:28 PM  
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