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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scattered stones...

Read a pretty hilarious "Pop-Song Correspondence"- Notes on "Sweet Child O' Mine," as Delivered to Axl Rose by His Editor.

Weezer is now "on hiatus" according to Rivers Cuomo. Thank the lord for small favors- if only they had done it immediately after releasing Pinkerton.

Check out the best second albums of all time, at least according to Rolling Stone. Just off the top of my head, my first vote would have to be for Radiohead's the Bends.

There's a pretty wide array of opinions and reviews of the Eraser as shown by Metacritic. According to Prefix:

For an album dominated by computerized beats -- didn't Yorke predict this in some way? -- The Eraser is not a lifeless product. And neither, like the aforementioned example, is it purposely dark. What makes it breathe, what allows it to flourish above its glitchy techno, its processed wizardry -- courtesy of Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and most likely one or more laptop computers -- what untangles it from a mess of circuitry and power strips and anti-virus pop-up warnings, is Yorke's incredible, distinctive voice.


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