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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey- am I making any sense at all?

Boom boom boom, pow pow pow, click click click... It all adds up to !!!. One of the words that seems to go hand in hand with "difficult" music is pretentious. And pretentious is a word that I've seen a number of times from both fans and detractors of NYC band !!!. Taking on a bnnd name like !!! could make a band seem pretentious right from the start, without even listening to their music. Clued in folks know that it's to be pronounced as any three repetitive sounds- most commonly chk-chk-chk.

Do Nic Offer's sneering, half spoken-half sung vocals come across as pretentious, combined with the inanity of the lyrics? I don't think so- but if you're looking for intelligent, insightful music to listen to while studying for an exam or while enjoying a romantic glass of wine by candle lihgt, definitely look elsewhere. This is sly, funky, contemptuous dance-rock to listen to at loud volumes, with groove galore.

!!! has been classified within a number of genres, and their sound and style has developed somewhat to perhaps place them in more than one area. Agitfunk, no-wave, whatever. Offer was quoted as saying “It’s a matter of the eternal quest for the groove. For the funkiest, fattest thing you’ve ever heard.” I'd imagine they're keeping up that goal. Latest news is they were hoping to finish up their third album, the follow-up to Louden Up Now, in June. They're touring Europe now with US dates to follow in the fall. Don't miss it.

Watch and listen to live !!! on BBC

!!! Official Website

!!!- Pardon My Freedom (live)

!!!- Hello, Is This Thing On? (live)

!!!- Shit Scheisse Merde Pt.2 (live)

!!!- Dear Can (live)

!!!- Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard (live)


Anonymous fearless said...

I love their cover of Take Ecstasy With Me!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

long time !!! fan but hadn't heard the full japan cd until now...was looking at their discography and the other stuff i hadn't heard were a few remixes...would be great if you did a post on them if you have them...

1) We Were Stoned When We Thought Up The Title Of This And We Didn't Want To Give It A Name That We Had To Explain As 'Oh Yeah We Were Stoned When We Thought Of It' So We're Just Calling It Improvisational Jam 11-02-01

2) When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee (serious bonus beats mix)

3) Sunday 5:17 AM

ps. sad to see outhud disband...they were just as good IMO.

6:12 AM  

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