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Friday, June 09, 2006

Not much hair left on his head...

OK, can I rave any more about Regina Spektor and Begin To Hope? Actually, since EZArchive is being a bit... shall I say sketchy the last few days, yes I can. Every time I listen to this new album I'm amazed even more by how beautiful the songs are. I'm certain Regina's latest will fall in my top ten for the year- and probably in the top five if not at number one. It's certainly going to be evident to anyone who checks me out on And (finally) the album will be released this Tuesday, June 13th. Regina will be performing at the New York City Tower Records on 4th and Broadway the same day to mark the release and will appear on Conan the following day.

Check out some live Regina Spektor goodness at

Watch the video for "Samson" here


Blogger Salvatore said...

I am with you dude. Regina Spektor is amazing and I can not stop listening to her new album.

4:29 PM  

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