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Friday, June 16, 2006

It's just a fish in the Atlantic...

OK, Peaches- are you freaking kidding me here? The honeymoon is almost certainly long over now. "A slippery dick- it's just a fish in the Atlantic?" "Can you cut the mustard to clear the custard?" "Pull back the curtains and feed the clam?" And that's just in a single song, mind you- there's more where that came from. Is this supposed to be so ridiculous that it's now ironic and clever? I'm not seeing it.

The Canadian's (Merrill Nisker's, heh) first release The Teaches of Peaches hit in 2000 and was actually... fun and clever. The simple, spare, electro-beats left the simple, catchy rhymes with an even naughtier, tongue-in-cheek feel. Fatherfucker followed three years later and was, well- more of the same. And as such, the sophomore effort seemed to fall a bit more flat and definitely with less of an impact. Peaches' latest album, titled Impeach My Bush, will be released July 11th- with all the relative shock of Too Live Crew's Banned In The USA. Even guest appearances including Joan Jett, Josh Homme, Samantha Maloney, and Leslie Feist can't save this one.

"You wanna stick it- I wanna stick it... bet you thought I was gonna say 'in.' Well I'm not."

Good lord, Merrill- I feel insulted- seriously. I'll go listen to "Set It Off" now.

Peaches official website

Pre-order at Amazon

Peaches- Tent In Your Pants

Peaches- Give'er

In other here and theres...

Check out some great live Beth Orton from 2004 at musicasart.

Thom Yorke explains the title of his upcoming "not solo" album The Eraser: "This is such a dark period in our country's history. There are these huge elephants that we have in the room at the moment, in the West, and people are desperately trying to erase them from public consciousness." Whew- I thought maybe there was some kind of happy-go-lucky theme on this one...

Rolling Stone reviews KYCW fave Regina Spektor:

Regina Spektor Begin To Hope (Sire)

Compare her to other eccentric, female, piano-playing crooners, but New York singer-songwriter Regina Spektor is an oddball unto herself. Less miserable than Fiona Apple, less wacky than Nellie McKay and less hippieish than Tori Amos, Spektor shows off her gorgeous, fluttery voice, her burgeoning writer chops and her God-given quirks on her second disc, Begin to Hope. Her loveliest song is "Samson," where she affects a hushed and honeyed tone that recalls Bjork's quieter moments and makes even strange turns of phrase sound like the words to a lullaby. More upbeat numbers such as "Hotel Song" and "Fidelity" are buffeted by cute claptrap beats that make them as danceable as they are singable. Of course, Spektor may be the only woman in the world who doesn't sound ridiculous singing her lyrics; if you're thinking about chiming in on lines like "Hey, remember that time I found a human tooth down on Delancey?" you might want to wait until you're alone in the car. (JENNY ELISCU)

Let's play Password- disappointing sellout... Nelly Furtado.


Anonymous Katrina said...

I like both of the songs that I've heard from the new album you're crazy sir.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Erin said...

The new Peaches album is different but only because the beats aren't as sparse as the previous 2 albums.
I also like the new one.
Yeah "Eat a cookie eat a big dick every day wuh" so sooo witty compared to the new stuff.

7:00 PM  

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