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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Don't drink me I'm like turpentine...

Apparently Mr. Ashcroft is trying to help the kids, and he's going about it in all the wrong ways. If only somebody had filmed it- it would've been great to see on YouTube. Probably better off just staying at the residence with Kate, Richard....

According to BBC Radio 6:

Singer nicked at youth club
21 June 06 - Richard Ashcroft was arrested on Monday after bursting into a youthclub and demanding to work with the teenagers inside.

According to today's Sun, the former Verve frontman appeared drunk and when he began swearing and refused to leave, the police were called.

The singer was taken into custody for a couple of hours and given an £80 fixed penalty for disorderly behaviour before he was released.

The incident happened at the Bridge club in Chippenham, Wiltshire near where the parents of Richard's wife Kate live.

His record label Parlophone said they would not be making any comment on the story.

Around 60 youngsters were in the building when the singer - formerly dubbed 'Mad Richard' by the music press - arrived.

In the Sun, an eyewitness is reported as saying: "He was very strung out and close to tears at one point. He kept saying he wanted to work with kids, that he wanted to do 'good things'.

He wasn't aggressive, in fact he was quite charming and friendly. He kept hugging some staff and kids."

The source continues: "He looked like a tramp. He was dishevelled and unshaven with filthy clothes and there was saliva caked around his mouth. He was off his head, although he wasn't slurring his words. One of the staff said: 'You're the spitting image of Richard Ashcroft. And he said that's because I am.'"

The boss got more and more anxious at his erratic behaviour however and rang the police after the singer had slumped on a sofa.

According to Filter the follow-up to Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Like Bad News will be released early next year. Good news for everyone except those fans who were planning on attending the handful of West Coast live dates in early August that have now been cancelled.


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