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Friday, May 12, 2006

Keep on keepin' on...

So nice on a Friday to stumble upon the upcoming full-length from Primal Scream. As I was expecting, they've totally gone back to a down and dirty, grass-roots kind of sound- not quite the same style as Give Out but similar overall compared to their recent harder abrasive electronic sound. Some of the tunes remind me a bit of early 70's Stones a la Exile On Main Street, which is definitely a good thing. I could definitely see "Boogie Disease" fitting in amongst some of the Stones more gritty, bluesy tracks. At the same time, the intro of "Dolls" brings to mind T. Rex for me. "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely" makes for an exquisite closer to the album. I'll have to see how this one sinks in before I really decide...

Head here to hear for yourself...

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