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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Actually, more of a three and a half minute warning if anything...

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Well, here's the run-down.. and probably not a very good one. Two recent shows from Radiohead in Denmark, and the show from May 6th is all over the internet already- including San Diego Serenade. I haven't had a chance to give the whole show a listen yet, but of course I dug into the new tunes like stink on a stinky thing. My immediate favourite is definitely "4 Minute Warning" which is piano-based and sounds slightly like a good Coldplay tune (notice the two qualifiers there.) Other showcased tunes including Spooks, Bangers and Mash, Open Pick, Bodysnatchers...

With all this upcoming touring of both Europe and the United States, the logical and quick-witted Radiohead fan would obviously deduce to themselves "ah, a new Radiohead album is forthcoming!" Alas- this is not the case, folks. Pitchfork says:

"There are no plans for a Radiohead album release any time in 2006," sayeth the press release."

Well ain't that about a bitch.

Radiohead- 4 Minute Warning

At Ease

Official Radiohead website


Anonymous Todd said...

that's a great song. Now I'll just wait for the studio version.

10:31 AM  

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