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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Horn of Amalthea.

Amalthea was the goat that suckled Zeus after his mother had him sent to Crete so his father would not eat him. The goat later broke a horn, and Zeus filled it with the fruits of the harvest. So the Horn of Amalthea became the symbol of plenty, and whoever had it in his or her possession would never starve.

Ain't Greek mythology wacky?

Here are some tunes for that someone who bitched "again with the Liars!" You know who you are...

Regina Spektor- Oedipus

Do I know what this song is about? Of course not. But I've come to really appreciate Regina Spektor's music. I can totally understand how her tunes might be a love/hate kind of thing- she has some strange affectations and is prone to throwing in some scat-singing type of stuff. This one's from her bonus DVD Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories. Long live the king.

Feist- Mushaboom (Postal Service remix)

Here's my confession that I am late to the Feist train. No, it wasn't on my best of 2005 list- because I hadn't really heard a single tune from it until about a month or so ago. And yeah, I heard the Bright Eyes cover of "Mushaboom" before the original. Whatever. I think Rice Krispies should ditch Pop and go with Snap, Crackle, and Mushaboom. Word on the streets is that Pop's developed a bit of a nasty meth habit anyway. Here's the Postal Service remix...

Lederhosen Lucil- The Best Dishwasher I Ever Had

This one's courtesy of the predestined and imminent Queen of the Galaxy Jess McFoxglove. The music? Think Peaches without the vulgarity. Interesting, as Lucil is also Canadian. She was apparently cloned in a genetic mutation lab in 1998. In other words- she's crazy. She does have a Swiss Miss deal going on which is cute... but still crazy. You can check out more on her at her website here.

Photo by Bryan Bruchman at

We Are Scientists- Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt

These dudes are a trio out of Brooklyn that first reminded me a bit of !!! for some reason. I haven't really dived into their stuff but this tune has been a favourite of mine for quite a while now. I also heard someone compare We Are Scientists to the Killers and thought that that idea was nearly bitch-slappable on a number of counts. This track's the opener from their debut album released earlier this year- With Love And Squalor.

Ninja High School- All Right To Fight

What the Molson? More Canadians! It's not intentional, I promise you. Pure coincidence, that is. These guys call themselves a "positive hardcore dance-rap band." Which means their hippie hipsters, I'm guessing. They'd probably kick back quite well with Tilly & the Wall or those doofuses (doofi?) LEN from like ten years back. Allegedly the main guy from the band heard a Crazytown song on the radio, thought it sucked balls, and decided that he should start recording music as he could do better. Totally a respectable reasoning in my book. And who can resist the hook "you're going home in a f*cking ambulance?" Compare previous KYCW Auteurs entry. BTW, the official website looks like it was "designed" by a thirteen year old girl. Fix that crap up.

Looper- Burning Flies

Looper began as a side project of Belle & Sebastian bass player Stuart David (yes, the other Stuart.) After B&S finished the album Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant, David quit to do Looper full time. Was that a good or bad thing? I'm not quite sure, as the Looper albums tend to be fairly hit or miss. This tunes a definite plus, though. Stuart David's influence was pretty clear in Belle & Sebastian tunes like "A Space Boy Dream" and "A Century Of Elvis." You can also get yourself some free Looper mp3s here.


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