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Thursday, February 09, 2006 the future of rock and roll.

"It's like a really cool mix tape that never ends." Well, it turns out that it actually could end. In my estimation, it's the best radio station on the face of the earth. But this week it was announced by the staff (all four of them in number) that the attempt to get advertising to fund their operation wasn't working out and now they're trying to go listener-supported. How much? Ten bucks a month. If it weren't for WOXY, chances are I wouldn't have ever been introduced to bands including Mclusky, the National, Hot Hot Heat, the New Pornographers- the list could go on for days. Here's a random playlist just from the last hour...

9:03 am The W.A.N.D. The Flaming Lips
9:06 am Otherwise Morcheeba
9:11 am Our Time Is Coming Soon (WOXY) The High Dials
9:16 am Love Is Stronger... Robert Pollard
9:20 am If The Straits Of Magel.. Preston School Of Industry
9:24 am The Poor, The Fair... Silver Jews
9:29 am Whenever You're Ready Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
9:32 am Hiccup They Shoot Horses Don't They
9:37 am With Candy Lilys
9:40 am The Good In Everyone Sloan
9:42 am Never Saw It As Union The High Strung
9:45 am My Life As A Creep The Minus 5
9:47 am Raspberry Beret Hindu Love Gods
9:51 am The Funeral Band Of Horses

Great stuff, eh? You're not going to find more musical goodness and variety on one radio station- I can just about guarantee it. So if you're able to cough up ten bucks for at least the first month- please click the link below do so. They'd appreciate it- as would many, many listeners around the world. And Nick Lachey- if you're reading this, you totally need to GO OFF and hook their asses up with some bank. Especially now that you don't have that girl draining your pocket buying Chicken Of The Sea. Is that chicken or is it tuna?

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Blogger indygirl said...

I love WOXY with all I've got. It has helped open up my world. I don't know if I can do $10/month every month, but as often as I can I will be subscribing. Hey, it ain't cheap going to school!

9:14 AM  
Blogger jspaceman said...

I hear that. I figured the least I could do is kick in for the first month and hopefully get them over the hump.

10:14 AM  

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