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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I jumped the neighbors fence at dawn...

Is it somehow pretentious to deem an album possibly worthy of the best of the year only two months on? I hope not- as this one will almost certainly be in my top five. I know, I know- it was only two weeks ago that I was raving about it and posting a few tracks. But this is for real, kids. Pitchfork seems to have gone all gaga over it now, with a somewhat fervent review of Drum's Not Dead and an interview that followed shortly after. There's even word that the guys had an early version of the album that they scrapped to create the finished version that's to be released. Fingers crossed that they do end up releasing those tracks as well, because I'm guessing they're worthy of being made public.

Amazon says:

DRUM'S NOT DEAD was partly inspired by the LIARS' relocation to Berlin from NYC after their 2004 album They Were Wrong, So We Drowned. From clanging guitars, martial beats, dense drones and pulverizing rhythms to high dreamy harmonies, off-kilter guitar lines and soothing samples of waves lapping, this is LIARS' finest, fullest and most unexpected album to date. Shredding all past reference points, DRUM'S NOT DEAD sees LIARS taking another seismic step forward, switching continents, seizing new musical territory and expanding their audio-visual ambitions.

I don't have any idea what's in the water over there in Berlin, but I know I could go for some sippins. Take in the album in its full-length glory, and then buy the crap out of it so that they can make another one.

Liars- Drums Not Dead

Password: "theindieconnection"

Preorder at Insound


Anonymous April said...

come on- again with the liars! I already got this from you weeks ago.

8:35 AM  

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