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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Did you guys use to be in a band together or something?

Let's talk musical similarities, or as some people like to say- "they ripped that song off!" Pretty simple in this case tune-wise, as the chords are basic and the fact that they sound so similar is that they're both capoed to the same fret (fifth, I believe) and so the sound is the same. What struck me as funny about the whole thing is one song was co-written and probably played on guitar by Harrison and the other (the first single from the album "Off The Ground") written by McCartney. The Wilburys tune was released in 1990 on "Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 3" while Paul's was released in 1992. Doh- points awarded to George. I'm sure it was all a coincidence, but George does of course have his history with being accused of plagiarism (see "My Sweet Lord.")

Traveling Wilburys- New Blue Moon

Paul McCartney- Hope Of Deliverance


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