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Saturday, January 21, 2006

You can go but know you'll miss me...

OK, sure my dislike of Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley is a bit unfair. The main reason I have is pure and simple. In Rilo Kiley, Blake time takes away from Jenny time. I didn't grow to love Rilo Kiley for the songs that Blake sings, even to the point that I often skip them for the goodness that is Miss Lewis. When it was announced that Jenny Lewis would be releasing her solo album on the same day as Blake's band the Elected was releasing their album Sun, Sun, Sun, the latter was even less than the faintest bleep on the radar.

But I'm here with a bit of an apology. Even though Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins' new album has been in heavy rotation with me for a month or more, I finally decided to give Blake a shot. Hell- Ringo wasn't much of a songwriter but I loved the Beatles so I gave his solo stuff a chance, right? So I downloaded "The Biggest Star" and gave it a listen... and loved it immediately. Blake's voice is great, the guitar interplay is great, the way it builds to the climax toward the end is great. The back and forth of the guitars midway through the tune had me hooked immediately, reminding me in a lot of ways of that in Desaparecidos (on Rilo Kiley's former label Saddle Creek, of course) only less electrified.

I have the feeling I'll be listening to the Elected's new album a lot in the future, and just as Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat will probably find itself in my favorite albums of the year, I'm hoping for the same from the Elected. No ill feelings, Blake... but please lose that creepy 'stache.

The Elected Official Website

The Elected- the Biggest Star

Buy it on Amazon

On a related note, the video for Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins' "Rise Up With Fists" is available now online- and it's divine. A take-off of Hee-Haw, complete with an appearance from the always awesome Sarah Silverman. Check it out here on Myspace videos.


Anonymous Ashlee Adams said...

cunt cunt cunt suck big balls...and lick Tony B's toes. Maybe you should check out Furder dan Attica's website...its is

10:19 AM  
Anonymous jon the revelator said...

cunt cunt cunt

yeah so i checked out and it was totally boring!

it blew about as much as a website could blow.

and who's ashlee adams? the late great softball player??

but i did find this!:


Some say that kissing's a sin;
But I think it's nane ava,
For kissing has wonn'd in this warld
Since ever that there was twa.

O, if it wasna lawfu'
Lawyers wadna allow it;
If it wasna holy,
Ministers wadna do it.

If it wasna modest,
Maidens wadna tak' it;
If it wasna plenty,
Puir folk wadna get it.


so here's to kissin.

5:51 PM  
Blogger jspaceman said...

jon the revelator, eh? What the hell- I don't believe!

Ashlee is a co-worker of mine. Funny that, considering the blog title.

Don't quit yer day job.

7:42 AM  

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