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Monday, January 30, 2006

Far from this opera for evermore.

Oh dear, have I been lagging lately- it's already been over a week? And I'm lacking in bands to post that I haven't seen within the last week on various other blogs. It's been all Neko Case, Pavement, Babybird, Placebo, and the Lemonheads for me lately. Now if I could just get my hands on the Streets new album, I'd be a happy individual.

So anyway- here's a few covers that I've enjoyed lately, and totally at random...

Damien Rice- Seven Nation Army

Detroit Cobras- Last Night

Bright Eyes- Mushaboom

Franz Ferdinand- Mis-shapes

Jesus & Mary Chain- Alphabet Street

Saturday, January 21, 2006

You can go but know you'll miss me...

OK, sure my dislike of Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley is a bit unfair. The main reason I have is pure and simple. In Rilo Kiley, Blake time takes away from Jenny time. I didn't grow to love Rilo Kiley for the songs that Blake sings, even to the point that I often skip them for the goodness that is Miss Lewis. When it was announced that Jenny Lewis would be releasing her solo album on the same day as Blake's band the Elected was releasing their album Sun, Sun, Sun, the latter was even less than the faintest bleep on the radar.

But I'm here with a bit of an apology. Even though Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins' new album has been in heavy rotation with me for a month or more, I finally decided to give Blake a shot. Hell- Ringo wasn't much of a songwriter but I loved the Beatles so I gave his solo stuff a chance, right? So I downloaded "The Biggest Star" and gave it a listen... and loved it immediately. Blake's voice is great, the guitar interplay is great, the way it builds to the climax toward the end is great. The back and forth of the guitars midway through the tune had me hooked immediately, reminding me in a lot of ways of that in Desaparecidos (on Rilo Kiley's former label Saddle Creek, of course) only less electrified.

I have the feeling I'll be listening to the Elected's new album a lot in the future, and just as Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat will probably find itself in my favorite albums of the year, I'm hoping for the same from the Elected. No ill feelings, Blake... but please lose that creepy 'stache.

The Elected Official Website

The Elected- the Biggest Star

Buy it on Amazon

On a related note, the video for Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins' "Rise Up With Fists" is available now online- and it's divine. A take-off of Hee-Haw, complete with an appearance from the always awesome Sarah Silverman. Check it out here on Myspace videos.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't give up on the dream...

I don't know about that, but I might give up on the Placebo if the rest of the album is much like this. It's not horrible by any means, but they certainly seem to be treading water at the moment. Maybe I'll end up changing my mind, but the British single especially sounds like a retread of some of their earlier tunes.

UK and Worldwide singles update

'Because I Want You’ will be the first single from the forthcoming album in the UK only is now set for release on March 6th.

The first single Worldwide (excluding UK) we can now exclusively reveal will be the track ‘Song To Say Goodbye’, released on March 6th.

Placebo- Because I Want You

Placebo- Song To Say Goodbye

Official Placebo website

It's over- you don't have to tell me...

Considering that Graham's upcoming album "Love Travels At Illegal Speeds" (out March 13th in the UK) is nearly as good as anything Blur has ever done and Gorillaz definitely isn't, I'm thinking this isn't such a bad thing...

From NME...

Coxon speaks on Blur reunion

Graham Coxon has rubbished claims that he is reuniting with Blur for their new album.

The guitarist, who is due to release his new album 'Love Travel At Illegal Speeds' on March 13, also says he isn't in regular contact with Damon Albarn.

"Blur was very much a boyish thing. I'm over it...It was 10 years ago that Blur were at their height so I'm quite a different person now," he told the Sunday Mail.

"I'm not in contact with Damon at all and I don't regret that at the be honest, we didn't contact each other very much even when we were in Blur...It's not like Damon and I were best friends then had a huge fall out," he added.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The neighbors can't complain because I've got my headphones on...

I actually thought I had already posted something by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- turns out I hadn't. I've loved this song for a couple months now, but hadn't seen the video until just recently. Extremely cheesy and maybe Lawrence Welkish vocals, but I love it.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- Loop Duplicate My Heart (mp3)

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names- Loop Duplicate My Heart (video)

Friday, January 06, 2006

You are the one that brings the best of us all...

I first got this EP for the Bright Eyes tunes and not for the Britt Daniel ones. Funny that I ended up listening to this song instead and had it on repeat for several days, nearly entirely neglecting the rest. Such a simple tune, great lyrics, all-around catchy- and co-written by Daniel and Oberst. I love the way the pitch and tempo changes in the song, sounding effortless by Britt Daniel. I can't tell you the number of mix CDs I've put this one on- hopefully I haven't included it on more than one mix CD to the same person...

Britt Daniel- Let The Distance Keep Us Together

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

With all your power- what would you do?

The Flaming Lips make their return on April 3rd with the album At War With The Mystics. The first single is "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song," to hit stores (at least in the UK) on March 27th. Here's a live version giving a little preview- not the best quality but definitely giving a nice little taster of the new album. Hopefully the repetitive "yeah yeah yeahs" don't get annoying to some listeners, but the return to upbeat guitar-type tunes is pretty nice in my book, and the tune is catchy and instantly singable. Fingers crossed for the rest of the album...

The Flaming Lips- The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (live)

Flaming Lips Official Website

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Her birth certificate says "Eleanora Marie"

January 3rd- today was to have been the day of the release of Nellie McKay's second release, "Pretty Little Head." But as has been fairly well-publicized around the internet, Nellie has been unhappy with Columbia (see "Columbia Is Bleeding") and parted ways with the record company. Apparently she plans on releasing the record in the future via the internet and she's also recorded six new songs for the soundtrack of the latest Rob Reiner film. I'm certainly pretty biased- I've loved her from the first time I heard "The Dog Song" and saw her appearances on Letterman and the View. That goofy smile, her eyes looking upward, the way she can switch from jazzy to rap to showtune-style songs, and of course that voice. I think I may end up liking "Pretty Little Head" nearly as much as "Get Away From Me." Maybe more depending on what she throws in with that extra batch of tunes Columbia was trying to keep under wraps...

Nellie McKay- The Big One

Nellie McKay- Cupcake

Nellie McKay- The Down Low

Nellie McKay- Live Performance On NPR

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