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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas leftovers.

Or something like that. Work is so crazy lately I don't have the reason necessary to create a single post about a band so I figured I'd just throw up some great tunes that I've liked during the last year or so. How 'bout dem apples? It's like the turkey, ham, or whatever the heck you people eat for Christmas dinners and then dig out of the refrigerator later and still enjoy nearly as much as the first time around. There- that's my analogy and I'm sticking to it!

First is a tune from the most recent Embrace album. I've heard some comparisons between Embrace and Coldplay, which leaves me a bit befuddled, as the only similarities I really see are that they're both British and have a lot of mid-tempo tunes about love. But Coldplay has certainly achieved a good deal more success, whether warranted or not. Danny McNamara's voice is one that instantly conveys a bit of a mood or feeling the instant you hear his tone. Even though The Good Will Out is their greatest moment as far as albums go, their latest has a few gems, including this one.

Embrace- Ashes

I don't really know anything about Hard-Fi except for the fact that they hail from Staines so they probably hang out with Ali G all the time. But this is a White Stripes cover and it's pretty groovy.

Hard-Fi- Seven Nation Army

Maybe the main reason I like Mojave 3 and Neil Halstead's solo work so much is his voice, and the way his soft-spoken melodies come across. This is certainly one of my favourites, and certainly a better tune than the Elvis song of the same name, at least to my ears...

Mojave 3- Return To Sender


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