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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Put your body next to mine and dream on...

I love Jenny Lewis. I love the Decemberists and Bright Eyes. I also loved the Traveling Wilburys. Does it get any better than this? In the words of Brian Regan, "I submit that it does not!" The album will be released January 24th on Oberst's label Team Love.

Jenny Lewis- Handle With Care

Monday, November 28, 2005

I need a throne not some razors...

Thanks go to Nowledge for the tip on this one. Not a lot of info on Puerto Rican Gabriel Rios to be found, even on his official website. He's not listed on; the album this tune is taken from isn't available on Amazon. If I were forced to make a comparison music-wise, I'd almost say his tunes bring to mind a groovier Turin Brakes. A nice, slightly quirky mix of rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals throughout the tunes- this one's still my favourite.

Gabriel Rios- Broad Daylight

Official Website

Friday, November 25, 2005

Gonna die under a wave...

Ah, the Verve. One of the foremost bands I regret having never seen live. From bootlegs and live footage, I can only imagine being in the crowd as the waves of sound roll over the audience while Nick McCabe plays fuzzed-out slide guitar on so many great, dreamy tunes. And let's not forget the repeated shoutings throughout the show from Richard Ashcroft to "COME ON!!!"

Not only was it a shame the band was unable to earn any money from the hit "Bittersweet Symphony" due to copywright problems, it was just as much a shame that the band will be known nearly exclusively to most listeners only for that song. "Bittersweet Symphony" was for the most part concise, as much a pop song as the Verve ever created. But to me, the best tunes released by the Verve were expansive, moody pieces that washed over the listener as much as anything. Never did a phrase such as "Rolling People" ever seem so appropriate. When the Verve were playing and at their very best, they rolled.

"South Pacific" was originally released on the bootleg Voyager I and is a song recorded live that was never ever officially released. Quite an appropriate title again, the guitars in the tune make the listener feel as if the waves of the sea are crashing over them. Also included is a demo of "Song For The Lovers," presumably recorded before the Verve's final break up but later re-recorded and included as the first single on Ashcroft's debut solo album.

The Verve- South Pacific (live)
The Verve- Song For The Lovers (demo)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Like the feather we blow away.

Sometimes something just hits you out of left field, someone you haven't really had in mind for some time suddenly gets shoved into your consciousness. Quite a bit of a shock this morning to find that Chris Whitley had died, apparently of lung cancer. Back in 1991, I was a sophomore at IU- just recently working at a college radio station and discovering new music. Until then, I was listening to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Tom Petty. Great music, admittedly- but not the most diverse fare.

Now for the life of me, I can't remember how I first discovered Chris Whitley- it was either from listening to WTTS or maybe the video getting airplay on MTV. Needless to say, after hearing the title track for the first time, I was sold. I bought Living With The Law the same day on Kirkwood and had the album in steady rotation for months to come. Moody, evocative, gritty, lonely- these songs definitely grew from repeated listenings. "Make The Dirt Stick," "Big Sky Country," "Phone Call From Leavenworth," songs that hit me so hard and deeply so long ago that even now just thinking about them has the same sort of effect.

And then I lost track of Chris Whitley. I saw him at Deer Creek opening for Tom Petty, and the sound was so bad that it ruined the performance for me. Din Of Noise was the follow-up, I heard one song and was unimpressed. And in the 10+ years that have passed since then, I from time to time have thought to myself I should check in again and see what he's up to. And now he's gone. A troubled life, to be sure- including alcohol and heroin abuse. It's hard to find a picture where he doesn't look forlorn and fragile. Hopefully he's found some sort of peace.

Words from Trixie Whitley:
My father took his last breath last night the 20th of November. I would like to make it clear that the people he needed and loved the most were with him while and when he left in peace. Those were Dan, Susanne, me and Chorinne. I would also like to ask you guys to understand there is a very fine line between Chris Whitley the legendary musician and Chris Whitley the Father, Brother, and Lover.

This was my Dad's favorite line from the first song I ever wrote, this is for you Daddy:

"Like the feather we blow away, in the thoughtlessness of words others say."

All faith and peace,
Trixie Whitley

Monday, November 21, 2005

Your beautiful body filling up with water...

I was going to upload and post the Beatles Christmas records today but then realized I can't find the files. Curses. And I was certainly in the mood to listen to them myself. I'll keep looking. In the meantime, I post something totally unrelated. Probably the most hilarious song I've heard all year, the lyrics are just priceless. I would actually post them, but they're much more effective and better when they blindside you. Trust me, it'll crack your sh*t up. Funner than Gay Bar.

Electric Six- Jimmy Carter

Thursday, November 17, 2005

But in my heart it was so real...

November 17, 1966 - May 29, 1997

Jeff Buckley- I Know It's Over (Smiths cover)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And the tap drips drip drip drip...

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. The Cure. John Peel. Classic tunes.

Peel Session 12.11.78
01 - Killing An Arab
02 - 10.15 Saturday Night
03 - Fire in Cairo
04 - Boys Don't Cry

Peel Session 16.05.79
01 - Desperate Journalist in Ongoing Meaningful Review Situation
02 - Grinding Halt
03 - Subway Song
04 - Plastic Passion
05 - Accuracy

Peel Session 10.03.80
01 - A Forest
02 - 17 Seconds
03 - Play for Today
04 - M

Peel Session 15.01.81
01 - Holy Hour
02 - Forever
03 - Primary
04 - All Cats Are Grey

Peel Session 04.01.82
01 - Siamese Twins
02 - A Hundred Years
03 - Figurehead

Peel Session 07.08.83
01 - The Exploding Boy
02 - 6 Different Ways
03 - Screw
04 - Sinking

Peel Session- 1978
Peel Session- 1979
Peel Session- 1980
Peel Session- 1981
Peel Session- 1982
Peel Session- 1983

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In a circle of infinity...

Confession- I'd never heard the tune "Running Up That Hill" until Placebo covered it. I probably couldn't name another Kate Bush song to save my life- until now. The new double album Aerial could very well sneak into my top ten list for the year. If I have any complaint at all with Aerial, it could be that it's a bit TOO sprawling and expansive. But in the large majority of the songs where the lush and elaborate sounds manage to surround you, it's hard to deny. Ten years in the making for this one, eh? I'm quite glad we waited.

Kate Bush- Pi

Monday, November 14, 2005

It's so cold in Alaska

Seems to me that I've heard a lot of people calling the Velvet Underground overrated lately. Why must we even attempt to put a value on them artistically? They were a great band, and I won't waste my breath any further. I was lucky enough to shake Lou Reed's hand after a show in Detroit years ago and it immediately gave me goosebumps. I'm sure he gets that sort of thing all the time but he still chuckled a bit. Part of the reason I love Lou Reed so much is the emotion and vulnerability he can convey with his voice. Fragility in music has always struck me as a beautiful thing, and Reed has an uncanny ability to perfectly describe humanity in a way that can be sad and at the same time uplifting. "Stephanie Says" has always been one of my favourites...

Velvet Underground- Stephanie Says

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can I get a witness?

More or less a comeback for Shaun Ryder after Happy Mondays disbanded, these tunes and the album in general is uplifting, funky, and (especially on "Reverend Black Grape") joyful and triumphant. How can you possibly deny that groovy harmonic riff when it kicks in? And the sample that's shared with Dead Can Dance? Does it matter that Ryder's lyrics make about as much sense as the babblings of a six-year-old on a sugar buzz? I think not. Black Grape, better than Happy Mondays? Discuss amongst yourselves...

Black Grape- Reverend Black Grape

Black Grape- In The Name Of The Father

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Running it around, turning into sound.

New XTC! Apparently the first new songs in five years. Pitchfork dissed on this song pretty much, but I've come to ignore most of what comes from their collective mouth. It's always great to hear Andy Partridge's voice, and the familiar sound of XTC (which I'd almost call whimsical, but it's too large and grand for that.) From what I understand, it's about records- you know, vinyl? Pretty catchy and great, especially for a free download track from their latest box set...

XTC- Spiral

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