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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Our soul hero in the SOUL MOBILE!!!

What is it I like so much about bands that can transform, that can build, that can develop? The Beatles did it, as did Manic Street Preachers. But even moreso, and perhaps more dramatically- I give you Primal Scream. Few more heavenly moments have been noted in my life than when I twisted and turned my way up to the front row against the stage at the Metro in Chicago directly in front of none other than Mani (and Kevin Shields, no less.) Mani gave me a look which I wasn't sure was an evil grin or a scowl whilst playing the bassline for Kowalski, which has come to be one of my favourite Scream songs. They started out a bit hippy-dippy, then went psychedelic dance, into their Southern rock phase (which I still think is underrated) promptly switching again to, well... what have they become the last three albums? Agit-electro-rock? I don't know, but the new album's on the way in early 2006. And I'm jazzed.

Primal Scream- Velocity Girl

Primal Scream- Kowalski


Blogger kc said...

You know I love the 'Scream, but I'm a little nervous about the upcoming album. They didn't like their producer & then Bobby's craziness at Glasto...

Let's hope things iron themselves out!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

It's C86! Oh, how I love C86...

12:58 AM  

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