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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The rest are impaled by sense...

Back after an exhausting weekend, whew. Today I dug up a Select sampler from about five years back that I've enjoyed since I got it (save the Slipknot tune that closes it.) Nice bunch of tunes, some B-sides from Doves and Muse, some remixes of Timo Maas and what not. I decided to go with JJ72's appearance, which is the original demo version of their first single "Oxygen." No matter that the first time I heard the Irish trio I assumed that the lead singer was female. This song is sublime, uplifting, and all-around great. Simple chords, soaring voice, great melody- if you haven't heard JJ72 up 'til now, take note. Their latest single "Coming Home" is in stores now, and their third full-length is set to be released soon.

JJ72- Oxygen (original demo version)


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