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Friday, September 30, 2005

Good god- please come back, Graham!

Blur reveals "change of direction." And Damon on Gorillaz success in the States, from NME. But who knows- on second thought, maybe it'll turn out to be somewhat like their self-titled album and I'll be a happy camper. It's early in the game now, so things could completely change...

Blur reveal new album plans
And there's a change of direction in store
Blur are to record their "basic" new album as a three piece after Graham Coxon decided to continue as a solo artist.

Singer Damon Albarn has revealed that with no sign of Coxon rejoining his old band, Blur will record the follow-up to 'Think Tank' without an additional guitarist. As a result, the sound will be completely different.

"There is a Blur record at the moment but it's very basic," explained Albarn of the album, which could be out next year. "The reason why it's so basic is we decided that if we're going to make another record it's just got to be the three of us and I've got to play guitar. And because I'm such a rudimentary guitarist it has to be really stupid and basic punk rock."

However Blur and Gorillaz are not Albarn's only projects as he confirmed he is currently working on his first solo album - and like his previous side project 'Mali Music' it will have a global element.

"I'm halfway through a record that I started in Nigeria last year," said the Blur frontman. "I suppose will end up being my first solo record, although I hate the term 'solo record'."

Speaking to Hong Kong radio station RTHK3 shortly after Gorillaz completed their War Child track in the city, Albarn added that although Gorillaz are about to reveal their human forms with their five night November residency in Manchester, becoming an animation was been a good career move.

"We wouldn't be as successful as we are in America if we weren't a cartoon band," he declared. "You can't be white and from London and produce hip hop - it's illegal actually, in America."

Oh yes, and here's Turin Brakes covering the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

Turin Brakes- Breaking The Girl


Anonymous Kate said...

I almost don't mind that Turin Brakes tune. It almost sounds like it could be their own. Hm.

7:38 PM  
Blogger jspaceman said...

I take it that means you don't care for the original?

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know where I can get the Turin Brakes song "Breaking the Girl" on .mp3?

I have been looking for it on .mp3 every where for a long time to put it on my iPod

send me en e-mail

4:40 PM  

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