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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Completely Different Egg.

Apparently I should think things through more. Pardon the transferral. As seen elsewhere... and continued from here on out in this location...

How terribly exciting. I shall post musical finds here, which may or may not be rewarding to anyone who cares to investigate. I figured I check out 20+ damn blogs a day to find mp3s/new bands, why not add myself to the fray? So yeah.

I'm currently digging on the upcoming My Morning Jacket album- quite good on first listen. They seem to have changed it up a bit with this one, and don't sound quite as hmmm... homespun? Maybe not the right word, but I'm liking it more than their previous releases.

Ah yes, and the new Strokes tune. "Juicebox?" Who doesn't enjoy a juicebox? As long as that damn straw isn't too hard to poke in through that foil that's covering the hole. That always annoys me. And I hate when the straw bends when you're trying to get it in. What a pain in the ass.

But no, seriously- I think the new Strokes tune is decent.

Ah yes, and I also enjoyed the newish Sigur Ros video here. Great stuff. Goosebumps galore.


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