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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bumpin'... and Thumpin'...

So I'm in the mood for some upbeat tunes this morning- perk my ass up a bit. And here comes Fatboy Slim. I'm a big fan of the Skint label, lots of great electronic artists including Fatboy, Lo-Fidelity Allstars, Space Raiders, Midfield General, etc. I believe this tune was originally released as a B-side to Sir Cook's big hit "Praise You" but it's also come out on a compilation or two since then. Pretty simple tune, as most of Fatboy Slims Big Beat stuff is, but I still think it's damned catchy. And isn't that what a great dance tune should be? Sho Nuff.

Fatboy Slim- Sho Nuff

And speaking of upbeat, moving on to Jellyfish. Great band, and a damned shame they only lasted two albums. I first discovered them from their video on Alternative Nation, which my roommate Josh and I used to watch every night to actually see "alternative" videos on MTV (shock shock horror horror shock shock horror!) and of course, for Kennedy. These two live tracks (covering both Badfinger and McCartney) were originally released on a radio-only promo EP that I managed to luckily score during my internship at WTTS, then later also came out on their greatest hits compilation. If you like the Beatles, if you like Squeeze, chances are you'll dig Jellyfish. I'd highly recommend either of their two album releases, Bellybutton or Spilt Milk.

Jellyfish- No Matter What (live)

Jellyfish- Let Em In- That Is Why (live)


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